Purchase Agreement

Photography Mediapackage - Dakar 2017
Specification mediapackage Dakar

The conditions in this agreement are applicable to the Dakar contestant (Contract Party) for the publication and use of
all photographic material created by the members of the Dakar Press Team (DPT) during Le Dakar 2017 for:

• The use in the Dakar Rally Jaarboek, edition 2017;
• Publication on the contract parties, or his or her partners/ sponsors website
• Providing photos to the media partners of DPT (see www.dakarpress.com)
• Delivery of photo material free of rights

1. DPT will provide daylight photo coverage of the Contact Partner (per car / start number) during Le Dakar 2017.
DPT is part of Green Team B.V. The production will start on the 4th of January 2017 and stop on
the 20th of Januari 2017.
2. The obligation of the DPT to provide the photo coverage ends at the moment that the Contract Partner car/start
number exits the rally.
3. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise daily pictures will be made of the Contract Partner.
4. DPT will upload a selection of the photos to the DPT’s photo server www.dakarpress.com for the duration of the
period mentioned in 2. This will typically be two to five photos per start number.
5. The Contract Partner will receive a log-in account, allowing him to download the photo material from the online
photo database: www.dakarpress.com concerning the contracted start number(s) for publication. Photo’s that
are downloaded concerning non-contracted start numbers will be invoiced separately at € 50,- per photo.
6. The photos that are downloaded from the photo server will be max 1Mb (for use in digital media [resolution
1920*1280], newspaper format and printing format A4 [300 DPI]).
7. The selected photos will be published by the DPT as soon as possible but within a maximum time frame of 24
8. The photo coverage made by the DPT is protected by copyright. The photo coverage is provided to the news
media for articles (option A), and or to the contract partner for press publications (option B). Use of the pictures
for advertisements, marketing or other commercial usage is only permitted with option C. Cropping the pictures
is allowed, any other changes in any form to the pictures is not permitted. Pictures must always contain the text
'© www.dakarpress.com'. DPT is not responsible in any form regarding the rights and or permission of people
displayed in the photos or for any rights for, for instance but not limited to; the use of names, trademarks, trade
dress, design, art or architecture under copyright that are not part of DPT’s intellectual rights.
9. All rights (ie: author rights and portrait rights) are reserved to DPT / Green Team B.V. unless otherwise agreed.
10. DPT maintains the right to use the photo coverage for publication in the Dakar Rally Jaarboek and on
www.dakarmagazine.nl or any other DPT production, activities or products.
11. All prices are excluding VAT and subject to a payment term of 14 days.
12. The terms and conditions of DPT / Green Team B.V. are applicable to this agreement. If required these will be provided or can be

found on www.passion4wheels.nl
Packet description

Packet A:
• Daily Photo coverage of the action on the stage or bivouac.
• A daily selection of the photos posted on the DPT media server.
• Delivery of Photo material to DPT media partners for press publication
• Contract partner can provide additional media partners free of charge

Price Packet A: € 950,- ex VAT

Packet B:
• Packet A including:
• User account to download photos for use in own press publications
• The photos can be used by the contract partner’s sponsors for publication.

Price Packet B: € 1.500,- ex VAT

Packet C:
• Packet A + B including:
• The contract partner can use the photos free of rights.
• Photo material is provided in high resolution JPG format.

Price Packet C: € 2.500,- ex VAT